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cid:image002.jpg at 01D3A94C.004AFF40  Management & Leadership Development
Training 2018 ( 2 days )




Our 2 -day intensive Management and Leadership Development course is
designed to provide promising executives and functional specialists with the
skills, tools and competencies they require for effectively operating in
today’s constantly changing and challenging business environment.

The programme will enable you to:

§  meet existing and future business challenges with capability, credibility
and confidence

§  develop the skills, knowledge and competencies that maximise management
and leadership potential

§  grow and enhance their international business networks

Oracle 7  is one of the largest hubs for business and management education,
highly regarded for blending academic expertise with real-world business
experience. Our focus is on delivering education and development
opportunities that enable current and aspiring business leaders to make a
real difference to their organisations.

Course content

MODULE 1 : Strategic management

Practical tools and techniques to build and monitor effective strategies
that ensure you achieve business objectives.

This session will:

§  introduce you to the principles of the resource based view of strategy

§  show how competitive advantage can come from the possession of resources
that are valuable, rare, inimitable and un-substitutable

§  present a structured way of assessing strategic priorities

§  provide a structured method for assessing strategic options

MODULE 2 : Leading organisational change

This session provides a toolkit that covers how to:

§  manage the rational and emotional impact of change

§  overcome blockers, whether personal, cultural or procedural

§  support colleagues who need to face up to and make difficult decisions

§  generate the confidence to make a difference

MODULE 3 : Leading in a changing environment

This session enables you to:

§  understand, appreciate and learn from the accumulated wisdom and
experience of some of the world’s most profound leaders

§  familiarise yourself with the different trends in leadership research

§  review your current leadership style and set development targets

§  identify the values that are core to their life and underpin their

MODULE 4 : Financial management

This session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to:

§  identify sources of funding for business projects

§  refinance existing, costly loans

§  ascertain the financial soundness of a business and detect early warning
signals of possible financial stress

§  enhance an organisation’s credit image, and gain access to capital at
substantially reduced rates

§  understand the terms, conditions and pre-requisites for raising finance
from the international capital markets

MODULE 5 : Marketing for the progressive organisation

Covering both business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets, this
session includes the theory and practical exercises that ensure you can:

§  evaluate your organisation’s marketing practices

§  understand the key concepts and tools required to maximise marketing
success across your organisations

MODULE 6 : Project management

An introduction to PRINCE2 one of the world’s most widely used project
management methodologies.

The session will:

§  cover key elements of PRINCE 2

§  provide an aerial view of the methodology’s processes

MODULE 7 : Accounting for managers

This session provides the skills and knowledge you need to:

§  appreciate the financial implications of key business decisions

§  manage financial resources efficiently and effectively

§  understand the financial position of a company

§  analyse and interpret key financial statements

§  assess the financial health of an organisation

§  apply and evaluate decision-making tools for cost management, operational
and strategic planning and control

§  prepare and manage budgets

MODULE 8 : Corporate entrepreneurship

This workshop session is designed to develop your skills and knowledge in
corporate entrepreneurship and covers:

§  innovation

§  changing mind-sets

§  negotiation skills

§  identifying new business ideas and assessing their technological, market
and financial feasibility

§  business planning

MODULE 9 : Decision-making

Using case study analysis, this session enables you to put into practice
what you have learned during the programme, through applying new skills and
knowledge to real-world situations.

This is a 2 day workshop scheduled as follows:




Current Dates

Next Calendar Dates


Focus Rooms Sandton

     3  - 4 May 2018

   21 – 22 May 2018

Cape town

Cape town Hotel & Conferences

25 – 26 April  2018

    10 – 11 May 2018


Sicas Guest Lodge

25 – 26 April 2018

    10 – 11 May 2018



Who Should Attend ?

There are no formal entry requirements; however, the course has been
developed for individuals in general or functional management positions
across all sectors. These include:

§  general managers

§  directors

§  heads of department

§  project managers

§  change managers

English requirements

This course is taught in English hence a good working knowledge of the
language is essential.

COST : R7 999.99 per delegate

The course fee includes:

§  programme delivery (minimum 30 hours of teaching)

§  dedicated delegate support during the 2-day programme

§  certificate of attendance

§  course folder and course materials

§  lunch during each of the two teaching days

§  two tea/coffee breaks during each teaching day

§  welcome reception

§  farewell reception (presentation of certificates)

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Mr Webster Chinyani

(Sales Executive)

T: 0027 11 020 0345

T: 0027 11 072 8177

C: 0027 78 126 8728

F: 0027 86 295 9390 

Email:  <mailto:webster at oracle7.co.za> webster at oracle7.co.za or
<mailto:admin at ashwebgroup.com> admin at ashwebgroup.com

Add: Suite 4 Christine Court, 2 Kings Avenue, Windsor West, Randburg South

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