SBCL blocked at 0.9.16 in testing

Liam Healy lnp at
Sun Apr 27 14:44:39 UTC 2008


With rumblings about lenny freezing for release in September, I took a
look at what's in testing and found that SBCL is stuck at 0.9.16 for
i386 and amd64 at least; according to this appears to be from
several causes.

469015: I think this is really 469058 which is not an SBCL problem,
and has been closed.  I have sent an email to 469015 to that effect.
422046: appears to have been closed
474402: still open

and then several architectures on which there are no binaries (alpha,
mipsel, sparc), but that shouldn't block the other architectures,
should it?

So is it correct to say that newer versions of SBCL are blocked from
testing on most architectures because of 474402?


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