Automatic commit mails for darcs repositories

Luca Capello luca at
Thu Jan 24 01:19:07 UTC 2008

Hi all!

I investigate how to have automatic commit mails for darcs:

- unluckily, either I haven't completely understood the darcs manual [1]
  or darcs ATM lacks this feature (bug #462330 [2])

- luckily, Marco Baringer already wrote a script for that purpose [3]

I tested the setup with rfc2388.upstream [4] and it works nicely.  Here
how to activate this feature (part of the following instructions are
already available at the Debian Wiki [5], which will be updated in the
next days):

1) create the darcs repository on Alioth

   alioth:~$ cd /darcs/pkg-common-lisp/
   alioth:/darcs/pkg-common-lisp$ mkdir rfc2388.upstream
   alioth:/darcs/pkg-common-lisp$ cd rfc2388.upstream/
   alioth:/darcs/pkg-common-lisp/rfc2388.upstream$ darcs initialize

2) set up the automatic commit mail to the PTS [6]

   alioth:/darcs/pkg-common-lisp/rfc2388.upstream$ cat >_darcs/prefs/defaults
   apply run-posthook
   apply posthook TO=rfc2388_cvs at PROJECT=pkg-common-lisp \
    REPO_NAME=rfc2388.upstream /home/users/gismo/bin/

   Since pkg-common-lisp-commits@ still exists [7], if you subscribe
   this mailing list to the PTS (keyword 'cvs' only, please), as soon as
   one of the mailing list administrator has confirmed the subscription
   the list will receive the automatic commit mail as well.

3) push the local repository to the Alioth one:

   local:~$ cd ~/var/lib/darcs/rfc2388.upstream
   local:~/var/lib/darcs/rfc2388.upstream$ darcs push \
    gismo at
   Finished applying...

4) if you're subscribed to the PTS with keyword 'cvs' you should have
   got mail :-)

Suggestions, comments?

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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