Bug#504514: [Debian] clisp-dev dependencies (was Re: debian clisp package)

Sam Steingold sds at gnu.org
Wed Nov 5 03:44:24 UTC 2008

Hi Luca,

> * Luca Capello <yhpn at cpn.vg> [2008-11-05 00:01:59 +0100]:
>> the __ONLY__ true dependencies are clisp & a C compiler (not
>> necessarily gcc).
> Thanks to `apt-cache showpkg c-compiler` I discovered that the only
> other C compiler Debian ships is bcc [2], which I do not think it can
> be used with clisp.


>> the rest is FAKE.
> Even libc6-dev?

I am a little hazy on the package specifics.
can one compile a C file without libc6-dev?
if yes, libc6-dev should not be a clisp-dev requirement
(just a recommendation).
if no, libc6-dev should be a requirement of the c-compiler virtual

>> clisp-dev does NOT require bison/debhelper/groff/gettext/xutils.
> I need to investigate why these were put there, but at least debhelper
> sounds strange.  For the others, read below.
>> You might think that libffcall1-dev & libsigsegv-dev might be
>> required, but they are NOT, they are already pre-linked (statically)
>> into lisp.a.
> According to Debian bug #468090 [3], libffcall1 is not statically
> pre-linked into lisp.a, but I have never tested for this.

even if it is not,
says that libcallback.so is in the libffcall1 package, not

>> readline-dev x11-dev et al are required only for building images on
>> top of the full linking set, not on top of the base linking set, so
>> they are at most "strongly recommended".
> The problem is double:
> 1) ATM Debian does not ship two clisp linking sets, despite a wishlist
>    bug is openend for more than 5 years now [4] (with another one being
>    very similar [5]).  I already planned to solve this issue splitting
>    the Debian clisp package into clisp-base and clisp-full, but I have
>    not had time yet :-(
> 2) makevars wants to include all of the libraries listed in clisp-dev
>    Depends:, that is why these libraries are, in the Debian world,
>    required.

why don't you want to ship one package with two linking sets?!

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