Trivial Garbage package

Barry deFreese bdefreese at
Wed Nov 19 04:04:28 UTC 2008

Luca Capello wrote:
> <snip.
> Have you removed Peter Van Eynde?  If not, please do so.  If you want at
> least one member of the Debian CL team there, just add myself.  But as
> you will read later on this post, you are now officially part of the
> Debian CL team ;-)
Yes, I removed Peter.
> <snip>
> I do not like to pollute the debian/ folder with single-line files.
> Obviously, this is my opinion on this matter, so feel free to follow it
> or not.
> Now that I think of it, one advantage of using .docs and .install files
> is that their content can be automatically parsed, but AFAIK there has
> not been such a tool yet.
I've left them for now.
> <snip>
> You are a DD, thus your Alioth login is now "bdefreese" [1].  Since
> Alioth uses the developer SSH keys by default [2], you should already be
> able to access to Alioth with "bdefreese" as well.
> I would prefer to add you as "bdefreese", since this is fixed while your
> -guest account will eventually disappear.  Is there any reason I should
> add you with your old -guest account?
> Thx, bye,
> Gismo / Luca
OK, I fixed my bdefreese account so that is fine.  Though I'm sad to 
lose all the stuff tied to me for the hurd and games teams to date. :(

Thanks again!

Barry deFreese

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