Bug#177057: [Debian] clisp base/full linking sets

Sam Steingold sds at gnu.org
Sun Nov 23 20:09:15 UTC 2008

> * Luca Capello <yhpn at cpn.vg> [2008-11-23 18:21:12 +0100]:
>>> 1) ATM Debian does not ship two clisp linking sets, despite a wishlist
>>>    bug is openend for more than 5 years now [4] (with another one being
>>>    very similar [5]).  I already planned to solve this issue splitting
>>>    the Debian clisp package into clisp-base and clisp-full, but I have
>>>    not had time yet :-(
>>> 2) makevars wants to include all of the libraries listed in clisp-dev
>>>    Depends:, that is why these libraries are, in the Debian world,
>>>    required.
>> why don't you want to ship one package with two linking sets?!
> I am fine with one package with two linking sets, but having two
> separate packages is IMHO a better solution, since it will help people
> who wants a minimal clisp installation.

on a second thought, you might be right.
in fact, you might want to offer several different packages, e.g., in
addition to clisp-base,
- clisp-db (base + bdb + postgresql)
- clisp-gui (base + clx + gtk)
- clisp-net (base + rawsock + ???)
- clisp-math (base + libsvm + pari)

you might also build clisp with dynamic modules and offer individual
modules a la carte.

> Is there any disadvantage with two separate packages?

are clisp-base and clisp-full going to be independent?
if yes, which will be used by default?

I suggest that clisp-full depends on clisp-base and the latter is
_always_ the default (as it is with the normal clisp installation).

Note also that the file clisp/unix/INSTALL has a section "Additional
Information for Maintainers of Binary Packages" with a "Module
selection" subsection. I think it would be a good idea for debian to
follow those suggestions.
I am mostly concerned with "offering a uniform experience to all CLISP
users regardless of platform or distribution".

>>> Footnotes: 
>>> [4] http://bugs.debian.org/177057
>>> [5] http://bugs.debian.org/462085

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