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Mon Jul 13 20:01:29 UTC 2009


I've been trying to get hunchentoot up and running "properly" i.e. using
debian packages, rather than pulling source by hand. Unfortunately,
there are some problems

1) hunchentoot has some packaged dependencies that aren't depended upon
   by its package:

     - cl-bordeaux-threads
     - cl-usocket
     - cl-cffi

2) Of these, cl-cffi doesn't install on new sbcls due to package lock
   problems. Fortunately for me, a trivial 'dch -v' after applying the
   debian diff to a new copy of cffi from darcs worked, but this needs
   fixing. (Bug # 519796)

3) ... and then cl-plus-ssl is too old, so that needed updating too.

4) Also, cl-bordeaux-threads is too old to work (seemingly for
   hunchentoot, but it's possible I've got that wrong), so that needs

4) It depends on some libraries that haven't yet been packaged:

     - babel, which depends on alexandria and trivial-features
4) It looks in its own source directory for url-rewrite, which is in
   fact in the url-rewrite package, which can be worked around
   temporarily by putting a symlink in its directory.


So, I've hacked my way through to a working install of hunchentoot,
building my own version of quite a few libraries & doing trivial debian
packaging for them.

My question is: what is the most useful thing I can do for the lisp
packaging project to help this not be necessary in future? I'm not a DD,
although I'm happy to sign up to new maintainery things in order to get

How can I help most?


(who's now going to get on with what he was going to do this morning)
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