Beg for help with sb-posix

Philipp Marek philipp at
Sat Jan 30 20:34:07 UTC 2010

Hello everybody,

I'm playing around a bit with SBCL, and noticed that the sb-posix package
defines a dirent structure, but without the d_ino member.

Using the inode number to pre-sort the directory before stat()ing the members can make a
*huge* difference (depending on filesystem, kernel version, filesystem layout and
fragmentation, of course).

I already asked on the sbcl-help list for help, but didn't receive any answer in a few

Would you mind including this member?
It is fairly standard
(, so it
should readily qualify for the posix package.

I already tried myself to do that (in my own package, see the attached patch), but it
doesn't work - I believe because sb-posix is preloaded in the core file, and my package
isn't correct somewhere, but that's a bit outside of (current) knowledge.

Any help is welcome,
Thank you for all answers!



Versioning your /etc, /home or even your whole installation?
             Try fsvs (!
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