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Rupert Swarbrick rswarbrick at
Fri Aug 31 21:30:15 UTC 2012

At bug #547929[1], there's a request for some actual documentation in
the ecl-doc package. Hunting around, I realised that ECL moved to a new
manual at some point, which no longer lives in the upstream "ecl"
tarballs. You can read the new manual at [2] or there's a git repository
with the source at [3].

It seems that they don't make tarball releases of the manual, but I
guess there's no reason Debian couldn't use date-tagged versions (even
synced to the dates of releases of the actual software!). The manual is
licensed as GFDL, but with no invariant sections, so I *think* it's
eligible for packaging.


 (1) Does it seem sensible to package the manual as ecl-doc?

 (2) If so, since the manual is in a different upstream archive, should
     the source package be split? (At the moment, the "ecl" source
     package builds both the ecl and ecl-doc binaries)

 (3) If so (again!), what can I do to help make it happen? I'll happily
     set up an initial version of an "ecl-doc" package and put it on, but I don't know if that's the right thing to
     do, given this is already kind of an established package.



[3]  git://

PS: I manually copied in the two DD's named as ECL maintainers as well
    as the common lisp packaging team. I hope this is the right thing to
    do. If not, let me know!
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