Bug#693682: Core compression

Philipp Marek philipp.marek at linbit.com
Thu Nov 29 02:42:46 UTC 2012

>   This is really strange:
> Is :SB-CORE-COMPRESSION part of your *features* 
no, it isn't.

> and you're using the
> debian binary (easiest to spot if the version in the MOTD has .debian at
> the end)?

I tried to do the same as you:

$ sbcl --no-sysinit --no-userinit
This is SBCL, an implementation of ANSI Common Lisp.
More information about SBCL is available at <http://www.sbcl.org/>.

SBCL is free software, provided as is, with absolutely no warranty.
It is mostly in the public domain; some portions are provided under
BSD-style licenses.  See the CREDITS and COPYING files in the
distribution for more information.
* *features*

* (save-lisp-and-die "/tmp/foo"  :compression 9)

debugger invoked on a SIMPLE-ERROR in thread
#<THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {10029E9143}>:
  Unable to save compressed core: this runtime was not built with zlib 

Type HELP for debugger help, or (SB-EXT:EXIT) to exit from SBCL.

restarts (invokable by number or by possibly-abbreviated name):
  0: [ABORT] Exit debugger, returning

ii  sbcl  2:  amd64  Common Lisp compiler and development system

# ls -al /usr/lib/sbcl/sbcl.core 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 44073008 Nov 17 06:31 /usr/lib/sbcl/sbcl.core
# md5sum /usr/lib/sbcl/sbcl.core 
e44d7df9d4cdbfd9228c6db270adc347  /usr/lib/sbcl/sbcl.core
# md5sum /usr/bin/sbcl 
538bc78f48e0cbaa27c079e3ecd0d943  /usr/bin/sbcl
# ls -la /usr/bin/sbcl
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 296936 Nov 17 06:31 /usr/bin/sbcl

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