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Faheem Mitha faheem at
Tue Oct 9 20:26:20 UTC 2012

On Tue, 9 Oct 2012, Peter Van Eynde wrote:

> Hello Faheem,
> On 09 Oct 2012, at 07:06, Faheem Mitha <faheem at> wrote:
>> On Mon, 8 Oct 2012, Christoph Egger wrote:
>>> I'm sorry to not responding to your requests for comment. It's
>>> currently rather hard for me to free some more time for Debian so I'm
>>> not really active currently. though I'll try to free an evening this
>>> week looking at ccl -- I'm really looking forward to having a ccl
>>> package!

> I fear that I'm also having quite a bit of RL work to handle and my 
> Debian time is rather limited.

> The situation is not helped by CCL being so 'different'. Just getting 
> started by downloading the source is a jarring experience.

> I mean a different svn branch per architecture? How can we handle that? 
> Debian expects that we give a 'pristine' tar.gz of upstream, without 
> binaries... Then we get to the 'rebuild gcc' as part of the build part 
> :(.

> Still I think you did a lot of good work and having CCL would indeed be 
> cool...  I just wish I could be more effective in this :(.

No problem. CCL is indeed idiosyncratic, and the maintainers are not 
especially helpful, or flexible... The word grouchy comes to mind. Also 

I was thinking of putting an apt repository of CCL somewhere. That way 
people can try it out. Alioth seems a natural place, and the folks at 
#debian-mentors told me that should be possible, Does anyone here have an 
opinion of a good location for this?

Also, it might be helpful if I could be added to the common lisp group on 
alioth. Thanks.

                                                           Regards, Faheem

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