Bug#751005: Bug #751005:

Thomas Vincent thomas at vinc-net.fr
Sun Dec 21 19:32:56 UTC 2014


Damien 'drazzib' Raude-Morvan and I tried to investigate this bug. We
reproduced the ftbfs on armhf for version 2.49-10, but also 2.49-9.
Since builds for 2.49-9 were successful according to buildd, it may be
the result of a side effect from a build-dependency.

FYI, clisp's build seems to pass on armhf on Fedora (on a version much
more recent than the official 2.49, though):

> https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/packages/clisp/2.49/14.20130208hg.fc22/data/logs/armv7hl/

Build script can be found at:

> http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/clisp.git/tree/clisp.spec

which clones a particular commit from upstream:

> hg clone -u 6c160a19948d http://clisp.hg.sourceforge.net:8000/hgroot/clisp/clisp clisp-2.49

Maybe the fix is already present in 6c160a19948d, but we were unable to
dig enough to find it.


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