Bug#754177: stumpwm does not work if `cl-asdf' is not installed.

Milan Zamazal pdm at debian.org
Tue Jul 8 18:48:20 UTC 2014

>>>>> "EL" == Emilio Lopes <eclig at gmx.net> writes:

    EL> after installing `stumpwm' I could not start the window manager.  There
    EL> was some error message mentioning `asdf', which was *not* installed.

    EL> Note that `cl-asdf' is not `required' by `stumpwm', just `recommended'.

    EL> After `cl-asdf' was installed, I could start `stumpwm' as expected.

Stumpwm can run on different Common Lisp implementations and perhaps not
all of them require cl-asdf to run Stumpwm.  So Stumpwm shouldn't depend
on cl-asdf.  Recommended packages should be installed unless you know
what you're doing, see Debian Policy:

  The `Recommends' field should list packages that would be found
  together with this one in all but unusual installations.

So I'd say `Recommends: cl-asdf' is OK here.  Do you think otherwise?

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