Bug#754179: stumpwm crashes when window title contains national chars

Emilio Lopes eclig at gmx.net
Wed Jul 9 06:33:05 UTC 2014

2014-07-08 20:43 GMT+02:00 Milan Zamazal <pdm at debian.org>:
>>>>>> "EL" == Emilio Lopes <eclig at gmx.net> writes:
>     EL> In my case I have the following in my ~/.emacs:
>     EL>     (setq-default frame-title-format (list "" "Emacs Macht Alle
>     EL> Computer Sch\366n"))
>     EL> Eval this in an Emacs buffer an watch stumpwm crash:
>     EL>     *** - CONVERT-STRING-FROM-BYTES: Invalid byte sequence #xF6 #x6E
>     EL> #x00 #xA0 in CHARSET:UTF-8 conversion
> I can't reproduce the bug with SBCL.  You probably run Stumpwm with
> CLISP?  Maybe it's actually a CLISP problem?

Hi Milan,

thank you from the prompt answer!

Yes, this was with CLISP.

This is on a computer with no Lisp system whatsoever previously

I just said "apt-get install stumpwm" and `apt-get' installed `CLISP'
along.  I was a little surprised, since I was expecting 'SBCL' to be
installed, but decided to play the naïve user who just wants to try

> BTW, I don't know whether it's wrong just in the e-mail but `ö' in your

It's really four chars there: a backslash followed by the number 366.
The buffer coding system is UTF-8.

In retrospect I think that `\366' is not correct, now that my `~/.emacs'
is UTF encoded.  It's a reminiscence of the time the encoding was

Anyway, my opinion is that `stumpwm' (or `CLISP') should not crash.
Not showing the char or cutting the window title off would be OK IMHO.

If `stumpwm' plays better with SBCL maybe the order of the dependencies
could be changed so that SBCL is prefered over CLISP.  Now (Version
2:0.9.8-1) it reads:

    Depends: clisp-module-clx | cl-clx-sbcl | cmucl-source, cl-ppcre

Best regards


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