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Fri Jun 30 14:21:02 UTC 2017

Hello Norbert,

>> Christoph hasn’t replied yet, so I’m going forward on packaging the new clisp/libsigsegv. Real life however means that I probably can send out an update and then go offline for a month or so.
> If you let me join I can do some work, too. There is 2.49.60 out.
> So in case you are offline.

I’m pushing a new libsigsegv an clisp out now, using the ‘old’ git standard which I use: an upstream branch and a debian branch which gets rebased on every new upstream release.

libffcall is Christoph’s package so I did not upgrade that. 

> The good thing about having testing versions *now* in unstable is that
> we can help the developer to fix portability issues!

Indeed. That’s what I want.

Best regards, Peter/

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