GNU clisp 2.49.90 available for beta-testing

Bruno Haible bruno at
Mon Feb 12 01:40:47 UTC 2018


GNU clisp 2.49.90 is released. The download location is

New in this beta release:

* This is the first release since 2.33.2 that is supported on a wide range
  of platforms:

  Operating system | CPU/ISA        | ABIs
  Linux            | x86_64         | 64-bit, 32-bit (i386), x32
  Linux            | i386           | i386
  Linux            | ARMv5..ARMv7   | arm, armhf
  Linux            | ARM64          | 64-bit, 32-bit (arm)
  Linux            | mips 32-bit    | o32
  Linux            | mips 64-bit    | 64-bit, n32, o32
  Linux            | PowerPC 32-bit | 32-bit
  Linux            | PowerPC 64-bit | 64-bit ELFv2, 64-bit, 32-bit
  Linux            | S/390 32-bit   | 32-bit
  Linux            | S/390 64-bit   | 64-bit, 32-bit
  Linux            | SPARC 32-bit   | 32-bit
  Linux            | SPARC 64-bit   | 64-bit, 32-bit
  Linux            | alpha          | alpha
  Linux            | ia64           | 64-bit
  Linux            | HPPA           | 32-bit
  Linux            | m68k           | m68k
  GNU/Hurd         | i386           | i386
  GNU/kFreeBSD     | x86_64         | 64-bit
  GNU/kFreeBSD     | i386           | i386

  ... and many others.

* To help distributors distribute memory images of clisp applications in
  package repositories, clisp has three new command-line options:
  $ clisp [-K linking-set] -memfile-hash
    Prints the hash code of the mem file binary interface.
  $ clisp [-K linking-set] -memfile-hash-of mem-file
    Prints the hash code of the mem file binary interface that was used to
    create this mem-file.
  $ clisp [-K linking-set] -memfile-compatible mem-file
    Returns 0 or 1, depending whether this mem-file is compatible with the
    linking-set or not.
  See <>
  for how to use these options.

* and much more; see src/NEWS for details.

According to [1], you are packaging clisp for Debian.

I invite you to give some testing to this beta release.

Best regards,



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