[Pkg-corba-devel] omniORBpy package issues

Floris Bruynooghe floris.bruynooghe at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 22:57:55 UTC 2007


What is checked into the subversion repository for python-omniorb2 is
pretty good, but there are a few issues:

 * dpkg-shlibs gives warnings about not being able to find the library
   that contains the python symbols.  However the resulting binary
   package has the correct depends.  This probably because of the
   ${python:Depends} and dh_pycentral instead of ${shlibs:Depends} and
   dh_shlibdeps (${shlibs:Depends} and dh_shlibdeps still fill in
   omniorb libraries though).  I don't understand why dpkg-shlibs
   can't find those symbols.  Also this only seems to happen when I
   build inside my sid chroot, not in my normal environment (lenny),
   so it could be my fault or it could be a change in dpkg-shlibs.

 * Lintian in sid decided to start complaining about empty /usr/lib/
   in python-omniorb2-omg and omniidl4-python.  This is because the
   omniORBpy `make install' installs to /usr/lib/ but dh_pycentral
   then takes all the .py files there (which happen to be all the
   files there) and moves them to /usr/share/pycentral/.  We could
   jump though hoops in debian/rules to clean up that directory after
   dh_pycentral did it's job but that seems ugly.  If anything I'd say
   that dh_pycentral should remove that directory if it's empty after
   it's done it's job (as it does with /usr/lib/python2.X/*).  I'm
   happy just living with this error (pycentral will create files in
   /usr/lib/python2.X/site-packages/ on install time anyway).

 * Lintian also complains about an shlib with non-PIC code
   (_omniConnMgmtmodule.so.3.1).  This has been an issue ever since I
   made the fist python-omniorb2 3.X package and I can't find out why
   (but it doesn't seem to do any harm).  As far as I can tell that
   module gets build in exactly the same way as the other modules, I
   can even see -fPIC in the command line of the build log.  So I'm in
   the dark about this one.


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