[Pkg-corba-devel] omniORBpy package issues

Thomas Girard thomas.g.girard at free.fr
Sun Dec 23 10:39:56 UTC 2007

Hello Floris,

Le jeudi 20 décembre 2007 à 21:51 +0000, Floris Bruynooghe a écrit :
> So TODO for python-omniorb:
> * Figure out if we want to change the name and take care of upgrade
>   path if so. 


> * Figure out what to do with /usr/lib in the binary package.

That's a python-central bug[1]. I've worked around it in changeset 111.
I am checking last bits before uploading the new omniORBpy.

> > We'll need another omniorb4 upload :-)
> This also has an issue omnicpp segfaulting on ARM.  However it's
> probably best to leave that for now so python-omniorb can be uploaded
> and is at least no longer broken and we no longer get FTBFS reports
> from people rebuilding the archive ;-). 

I have reproduced the segfault on an arm machine, but I don't understand
it. It crashes when entering a function, so it looks like the stack
frame gets corrupt. That's material for 4.1.1-3 :-)

There is also a pile of fixes in upstream repository[2]. Maybe we can
backport them?

Last, I wonder if some package should not be renamed: e.g. omniidl4 to

> As I mentioned earlier I will probably be closer to some rock then a
> computer until the 7th of Jan.  Have a good christmas/holiday if you
> do celebrate so and/or have any.

Thanks. Have a nice end of year and vacation too!


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=452227
[2] http://omniorb.sourceforge.net/bugs/bugfixes-411.html

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