[Pkg-corba-devel] omniorb4 4.1.0 upgrade

Thomas Girard thomas.g.girard at free.fr
Sun Oct 7 14:47:21 UTC 2007


Floris Bruynooghe a écrit :
>>  * why did you remove Conflicts: and Provides: from some packages? I'll
>>    review this more carefully next week, as this has effects on the
>>    upgrade path
> I did this a long time ago, but IIRC I did some grep-dctrl searches
> and removed the ones that where no longer used.  I like the packages
> to be lean and a Conflicts: or Provides: that only make sense in
> packages for old-stable just seems like unnecessary polluting of
> debian/control to me.

Okay, thanks. Could you please add an entry to debian/changelog
explaining you've dropped obsolete Replaces and Conflicts?

>>  * there are small typos in your changelog entries and in the copyright

And there's another one in the copyright file. I'd gladly commit this 
kind of changes next time if you're fine with it.



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