[Pkg-corba-devel] [omniORB] Preparing an upload for 4.1.5

Thomas Girard thomas.g.girard at free.fr
Mon Mar 21 17:37:39 UTC 2011


Le 21/03/2011 18:06, Floris Bruynooghe a écrit :
> So to summarise: I'd like to experiment some more with using
> /usr/share/omniidl and dh_python2 to see if this would solve or ease
> the upgrading-python problems.  If so this will have to be coordinated
> with a new upload of python-omnorb.
> However if you are in a hurry there are a few thing we could try which
> are simpler:
> * Just keep using dh_pycentral for now
> * Keep using the "XS-Python-Version: current" header, dh_python2 still
> accepts this but deprecates it (haven't tried this).
> * Use no X-V-P header (or XS-P-V) and use the "-V `pyversions -dv`" hack

Thanks for the update. You're right: it's better to wait for a clean
dh_pycentral removal upgrade path.



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