[Pkg-cups-devel] RFC: Forming a Printing Task Force (was RFA: cups -- Common UNIX Printing System)

Josselin Mouette joss at debian.org
Fri Jul 2 21:25:57 UTC 2010


Le vendredi 02 juillet 2010 à 22:42 +0200, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud a
écrit :
> Thanks for this answer. I'm hereby CC'ing those packages maintainers and I added 
> those to the wiki page: 
> 	http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Printing
> Packages maintainers: This is a proposal to put all printing-related packages 
> under a common team. The discussion happens on pkg-cups-
> devel at lists.alioth.debian.org and on the above wiki page. This is not a hijack 
> nor a takeover: if you don't want to put your package under that eventual team 
> umbrella, please simply state so (and remove your package line in the wiki 
> page).

I would very much welcome a takeover of system-config-printer. It is
critical for it to be updated before the freeze; Otavio doesn’t have
time to deal with it and I don’t own a printer anymore. I would
appreciate commit access so that I can work on GNOME integration (e.g.
PolicyKit comes to mind) but that’s it.

IMHO python-cups shouldn’t be moved out of python-modules.

As for poppler, help is welcome, but since it is closely related to KDE
and GNOME I’d prefer if it could stay in pkg-freedesktop. I intend to
keep it up-to-date but there are also a lot of bugs and I don’t know
whether someone even reads them. 

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