Bug#441612: cyrus-admin-2.2: sieveshell cannot connect to server

Alex Prinsier debian at aphexer.mailhaven.com
Mon Sep 10 16:25:56 UTC 2007

I removed all firewall rules from iptables, and it made no difference.

I also checked /etc/hosts.deny (it only contains lmtp: ALL, and
commenting that line doesn't make a difference).

Restarting cyrus also doesn't help.

When running sieveshell this is everything that comes to the log:

Sep 10 16:23:40 mail cyrus/master[15718]: about to exec
Sep 10 16:23:40 mail cyrus/sieve[15718]: executed
Sep 10 16:23:40 mail cyrus/sieve[15718]: accepted connection
Sep 10 16:23:40 mail cyrus/master[13845]: process 15718 exited, status 0



Benjamin Seidenberg wrote:
> Alex Prinsier wrote:
>> Package: cyrus-admin-2.2
>> Severity: normal
>> Sieveshell is unable to connect to cyrmaster. I've found this error many times on google, but the cause was either unrelated or a solution wasn't 
>> found (or at least not posted there).
>> # sieveshell --user=cyrus --authname=cyrus localhost:2000
>> connecting to localhost:2000
>> unable to connect to server at /usr/bin/sieveshell line 179.
>> cyrus is running:
>> # netstat -ntap | grep 2000
>> tcp        0      0*               LISTEN     17517/cyrmaster
> Do you have any firewall rules that might be preventing it? Did you try
> restarting cyrus? Is there any information in the logs that might help?
> Benjamin

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