[Pkg-db-devel] Bug#437742: Bug#437742: libdb4.6: FTBFS on arm: in testsuite, run_subsystem: env env007: db open:invalid argument

Clint Adams schizo at debian.org
Wed Sep 3 19:52:30 UTC 2008

On Tue, Sep 02, 2008 at 01:33:54AM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
>   echo "source ../test/test.tcl; run_std env007" | tclsh8.5
> How do these tcl commands map to C, for better debugging?

Without looking into the tcl bindings, I would guess that
 berkdb_env -create -home ./TESTDIR -txn -encryptaes $passwd
 berkdb_open -create -btree -mode 0644 -env $env -encrypt a.db

maps (modulo error checking) to something like

    DB_ENV *env;
    DB *d;
    int i;

    i = db_env_create(&env, 0);
    i = env->set_encrypt(env, "passw0rd", DB_ENCRYPT_AES);
    i = env->open(env, "./TESTDIR", DB_INIT_TXN | DB_CREATE, 0666);
    i = db_create(&d, env, 0);
    i = d->open(d, NULL, "a.db", NULL, DB_BTREE, DB_CREATE, 0644);

or something.

As for disabling encryption on a release arch, I don't know.

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