[Pkg-db-devel] Bug#594433: Acknowledgement (db4.7: Includes files from 4.6 deleted in 4.7)

Austin Clements amdragon+debbug at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 26 18:02:07 UTC 2010

If it helps, the attached patch contains what I believe are the actual
Debian changes beyond the four Oracle patches to libdb4.7.

The files that were only in Debian's source package and not in the
patched upstream source were

Only in db4.7-4.7.25/clib: ctime.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/clib: getaddrinfo.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/docs/api_c: set_func_map.html
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/docs/api_c: set_func_sleep.html
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/docs/api_c: set_func_unmap.html
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/docs: .cvsignore
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/docs/ref/build_wince: faq.html
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/docs_src/ref/build_wince: faq.so
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/docs_src/rtc: set_func_map.so
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/docs_src/rtc: set_func_sleep.so
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/docs_src/rtc: set_func_unmap.so
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os: os_fzero.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os: os_method.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os: os_oflags.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os: os_region.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os: os_sleep.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os: os_spin.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os_brew: os_oflags.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os_brew: os_sleep.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os_brew: time.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os_windows: ce_time.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os_windows: os_sleep.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/os_windows: os_spin.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25: .pc
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/rep: rep_autop.c
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/test: rep059.tcl
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/test: testutils42.tcl
Only in db4.7-4.7.25/test_micro: SOURCE
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