[Pkg-db-devel] DB_BULK flag

Rafael Almeida almeidaraf at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 23:09:24 UTC 2010


The DB->cursor function takes flags as its parameter, upstream documentation
says that one possible flag is:
	Configure a cursor to optimize for bulk operations. Each successive
	operation on a cursor configured with this flag attempts to continue on
	the same database page as the previous operation, falling back to a
	search if a different page is required. This avoids searching if there
	is a high degree of locality between cursor operations. This flag is
	currently only effective with the btree access method: for other access
	methods it is ignored.
Unfortunately that flag is not present in the header. I'm not sure if it's a
documentation error or header error. Anyhow, is that flag available under a
different name?

By the way, why isn't there a package with upstream's API documentation. There
is manual pages on libdb in manpages-dev package. But they describe version 1 of
the database. Quite outdated.


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