[pkg-dhcp-devel] Bug#547653: Heads up for ISC DHCP v4 transition

Mehdi Dogguy mehdi at dogguy.org
Fri Jul 9 16:06:02 UTC 2010

On  0, Andrew Pollock <apollock at debian.org> wrote:
> You're right, I was only working off packages that had some sort of
> dependency on dhcp3-client. It seems there's more that don't declare any
> sort of relationship with dhcp3-client at all.

I've usertagged the blocking bugs so that one can easily evalutate the
status of the transition. You can see the list at:


> It doesn't detract from the fact that this is a transition, just like any
> other. I will be doing my best to coordinate with these other package
> owners, to ensure that they upload new packages after I've uploaded isc-dhcp
> to unstable.

A quick comment about the transition's status:

- still to be fixed:
  * samba will be fixed by vorlon soon (I guess)
  * sendmail needs to be fixed
  * debian-edu-config: maintainer is busy, a patch is welcome

- fixed in svn:
  * ntp is fixed in svn, waiting for #363193 to be fixed (if
    that's planned to happen soon)
  * resolvconf is fixed in svn (the bug is marked as serious as the
    new dhcp breaks the current resolvconf)

- fixed:
  * I've NMUed whereami with a fix
  * network-manager is fixed (I sent a patch)

Patches to fix any package from the first set is more than welcome :)


Mehdi Dogguy

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