[pkg-dhcp-devel] Proposed solution

Thomas Hood jdthood at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 11:56:57 UTC 2010

It sounds as if resolvconf should have its hook script in place (that 
is, in /etc/dhcp3/) before isc-dhcp-client is uploaded to unstable.  
Otherwise someone will install isc-dhcp-client with an existing version 
of resolvconf (i.e., up to and including version 1.45) and get 
unpleasant results, as described by Vincent Danjean earlier in #583991.

The new version of resolvconf which realizes this should remain 
compatible with dhcp3-client.  This new version, number 1.46, would be 
uploaded to unstable before isc-dhcp-client is uploaded to unstable.

(I will open a new bug report asking for isc-dhcp-client to Conflict 
with resolvconf <= 1.45.  This dependency will force an upgrade of 
resolvconf when isc-dhcp-client is installed.)

My first thought would be to take the following actions in the 
maintainer scripts of resolvconf 1.46.

1. Move the conffile according to the instructions in 
http://wiki.debian.org/DpkgConffileHandling.  Don't use 
dpkg-maintscript-helper which isn't available in the dpkg package in 
stable.   That is, move /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/resolvconf to 

2. Symlink the old location to the new location if isc-dhcp-client is 
not yet installed.  That is, ln -s 

3. If isc-dhcp-client is installed, delete the symlink from the old 
location to the new location (that is, from 
/etc/dhcp/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/resolvconf to 
/etc/dhcp3/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/resolvconf) if such a symlink exists.

Anyone see any problems with this?
Thomas Hood

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