[pkg-dhcp-devel] From: The Co-ordinator.

2010 Online Email Prize Award lotto.nl.info at aol.nl
Mon Oct 25 14:41:17 UTC 2010

Attn: Email Lottery Winner,

As you wonder about this notice, the Email draw is held periodically for 
email ID's that frequent the internet & randomly selected from internet 
resource database by automated ballot system.

Contact: Mr. Dirk van Goes.
Tel: +31- 633 968 651. 
Fax: +31- 847 549 511.
Email: staatclaims06 at aol.com
Also Send: 1. Full Names/Address/Tel/Gender.......
2. Occupation...... 3. Nationality...... 

Your email ID emerged with-Batch Nr: SPYU6868 & Ref.nr: 5687SPL876. 
And for the claim of your prize award=1.500.000.00 Euro= in category 'A' 
now deposited in the bank, so contact as directed above.

From: The Co-ordinator. 
(Alliance Member of Inter. Net Award)

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