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Noskov al-jaafari sadoonfarm1 at portugalmail.pt
Fri Oct 29 09:56:50 UTC 2010

Dear Friend,
Compliments of the day, I am Noskov Al-jaafari a  farmer in Iraq.
I write to solicit for your assistance to invest the sum of $11.7m usd in your country. The funds were discovered in a trunk box by me in my farm near Tariq Aziz hide out.
Tariq Aziz was second in command to late president Saddam Hussein. I strongly believe that the fund was hidden by Tariq Aziz and his allies when the war broke out in Iraq and sifter the death of Saddam.
Knowing that large movement of undocumented cash is monitored closely in Iraq; I collaborated with the international Red Cross organization and successfully shipped the box out of Iraq to an undisclosed location until I establish well trusted relationship with you. The box has been in a Security Vault since January 07, 2008. I was planning to travel and invest the fund, unfortunately to me; on March 26, 2009 a bomb in a parked car exploded Thursday in a market in the Shaab neighborhood of Baghdad which claimed life of my wife and two children and other people.
I survived, but was paralyzed, the accident effected my spine cord, I can't even hear at all and I am on a wheel chair I use my lap top as only source of communication. My condition effectively ruled out International travel and I have therefore decided to seek for outside help. I need an honest person who can travel to the Security Company to claim the fund and invest it on behalf of my only survived child also send some amount to me for my treatment.
As soon as you indicate your support to partner with me to invest the fund, details will be sent to you for official arrangements.
Best regards,
Noskov Al-jaafari

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