[pkg-dhcp-devel] Bug#616290: [Fwd: [ISC-Bugs #25979] What happened to the dhcp patch in ISC-Bugs #24697 (Debian Bug #616290)?]

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Thu Dec 15 14:15:11 UTC 2011

Svante Signell writes ("[Fwd: [ISC-Bugs #25979] What happened to the dhcp patch in ISC-Bugs #24697 (Debian Bug #616290)?]"):
> Dear Debian/Hurd, GNU/Hurd and Debian-devel people. This arrived today.
> Any ideas on how to proceed? Is it possible to create a Hurd-specific
> fork of the latest ISC-DHCP release? DHCP is an essential package in the
> Debian Installer.

I went and read the Debian bug report.  The difficulty seems to be
with the patch "fix_ftbfs4hurd.dpatch".  I have to say that on reading
that patch I understood upstream's reluctance.  I don't think it looks
to me like a correct and appropriate fix for build portability

Unfortunately the upstream bug tracker is secret so we can't see any
discussion there, but the initial message sent to dhcp-bugs at isc
doesn't seem really to explain the thinking behind the patch.

Where can I find the detailed explanation of why this patch is
required and how it works to fix the problems ?  At the moment I can't
even seem to find an error message from an FTBFS log.


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