[pkg-dhcp-devel] Bug#246155: dhcp3-client: dhclient-script should overwrite hostname if new_host_name provided

Boris Pek tehnick-8 at mail.ru
Mon Oct 10 18:40:45 UTC 2011


> As you might guess, the script was originally written this way for a reason;
> most users do _not_ want dhclient to change their hostname, regardless of
> what the dhcp server says.  If anything, this would need to be a
> configuration option.

I agree with you. 


> * debian/dhclient-script.{linux,kfreebsd}: applied patch from Peter Marschall
>     to harmonize the logic for setting the hostname (closes: #246155)

Where can I disable this feature? Is there any option in config?

I just saw:

I can edit script manually, but it will be rewrited at the next update.

So what you advise me to do?

Best regards,

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