[pkg-dhcp-devel] Bug#616290: [ISC-Bugs #25979] What happened to the dhcp patch in ISC-Bugs #24697 (Debian Bug #616290)?

Cathy Almond via RT dhcp-bugs at isc.org
Mon Jan 16 10:34:03 UTC 2012

Hi Samuel,

> Oops, sorry, resending with proper subject so that it gets along the
> original bug report. I don't know how I could close the
> spuriously-created bug #27396.
You can't but we can and have :-)

> (dropping Cc debian-devel, it's not worth it)
> Here is an updated version of the patch, as well as some information
> about it, I've both attached the patch and commented it below. There
> is
> also an additional patch for the embedded bind code. Eventually, there
> is an empty rfc3442 script for now.

Thanks for the updated patches.

There have been various inquiries made about the patches submitted to ISC DHCP
by the GNU/Hurd project team - and we responded last month to Svante Signell
including the statement here:


"I'm afraid that a mistake was made earlier when the response was given that we
planned to incorporate the submitted patch for ticket #24697. This seems to
have been due to an internal misunderstanding. Subsequently we've reviewed the
patch and discussed at length the request to have it included and have to say
that we have no plans to incorporate it in the near future.

We have some technical reservations about the proposed change in relation to
the effect they might have in other OS environments, and additionally we don't
have a test environment in which to verify the stability/supportability of the
resulting build(s) going forward.

We receive a large volume of development work requests, and while we accept
that this one is of importance to the gnu/hurd maintainers, we understand that
the number of users of this OS is relatively small and we have to take this
into account when deciding how to utilise our resources.

So with regret for the disappointment that this answer will cause, our response
has to be that this is not something that we can do now, although of course the
decision can be revisited in the future if circumstances change."


So I will of course alert engineering that you've submitted new patches, but
the reality is that we are unlikely to incorporate them into ISC DHCP code in
the very near future.

Kind regards,

Cathy Almond
ISC Support

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