[pkg-dhcp-devel] Quality CrowdFunding for Serious CrowdFunders

Rod Turner rodturner at start.ac
Wed Sep 5 07:02:03 UTC 2012

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Quality CrowdFunding with a Boutique Feel.

START.ac Offers Serious Project Creators a Different Type of CrowdFunding Experience.

So, what makes us different from the status quo?

1) Mentor Program™: (http://start.ac/meet-our-mentors ) Provides you mentoring on your project from experienced and accredited CEO's, Executives and Entrepreneurs of successful companies that want to help new entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs grow.

2)CrowdAudition™ (http://start.ac/projects/crowd-audition ):
CrowdAudition involves the START.ac community in the selection process of projects. No more wondering why some projects make it and some don't. During CrowdAudition Project Drivers get feedback from the START.ac community, so they can learn how to improve their projects, before they enter fundraising!

3) Promise Review™ (http://start.ac/faq/what-promisereview ) :
Ever wonder if a project creator is legit? Promise Review is a rating that lets the world know how a Project Driver and his or her team handled their project before, during, and after fundraising. This rating is provided by the Supporters of the project, and it is done four months after the project is funded to help prevent future fraud.

4) And Much More (http://start.ac/what-is-start ) :
START.ac has introduced 10 new innovations to the world of CrowdFunding to improve upon the current status quo, worldwide!


Click here (http://www.start.ac ) to get involved with START.ac, either as a Project Creator, Project Supporter or a Mentor!

Click here (http://start.ac/what-is-start ) to learn more about how START.ac is changing the status quo of CrowdFunding, Worldwide!

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Rod Turner
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