[pkg-dhcp-devel] isc-dhcpC (client) open ports

hdpcstuffd1+18 at elektromaniak.wz.cz hdpcstuffd1+18 at elektromaniak.wz.cz
Sat Feb 2 10:12:50 UTC 2013


I noticed that my isc-dhcp-client is listening on 3 ports.
There is the regular ipv4 port 68/udp.
And two random ports - udp and udp6.

The network where I noticed this runs udhcpd as a dhcp4 server, no dhcp6 is

What are those two ports used for?
If not for much, can I disable the feature in the client?
It could be requested by the server, but I doubt that - udhcpd is too simple
for that.
The machine sometimes roams to the open internet (public IPv4), open ports are
a big deal.

Thanks for any hints

PS: A copy was sent to dhcp-hackers at lists.isc.org

PS: You seem to be using a bugged version of mailman/pipermail.
[ Gzip'd Texts ] at http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-dhcp-devel/
are actually double-gzipped, but the suffix does not match.

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