[pkg-dhcp-devel] Bug#592539: [PATCH] IPv6 Server Support

Steven Ihde steve at x2.hamachi.us
Sat Mar 21 22:34:00 UTC 2015

Attached an updated patch for IPv6 server support. This cleans up the
unnecessary translations that were in my previous patch, fixes some
bugs (thanks to C.J. Adams-Collier for one bug fix), and I've rebased
against the latest head.

Feedback still sought on the folowing points:

* the convention around "true" vs "yes" for values in /etc/default is
  not clear to me; it seems debconf always goes with true/false for a
  boolean, but many other scripts in /etc/default seem to use "yes".
  I just used "true".

* Three new debconf values are added, with accompanying documentation;
  this impacts the translations but I don't see any way around it
  given the nature of the changes.

Any feedback or suggestions welcome.


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