[pkg-dhcp-devel] Bug#816325: org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1 was not provided by any .service files

Jörg Frings-Fürst debian at jff-webhosting.net
Thu Apr 7 03:52:15 UTC 2016


Am Dienstag, den 05.04.2016, 00:24 -0400 schrieb Michael Gilbert:
> control: severity -1 important
> control: tag -1 moreinfo, unreproducible
> On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 4:11 PM, Joerg Frings-Fuerst wrote:
> > 
> > $ systemctl start isc-dhcp-server
> > Failed to start isc-dhcp-server.service: The name
> > org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1 was not provided by any .service files
> The org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.service file is provided by the
> policykit-1 package.  Do you have that installed?
> Anyway, I tried removing that, but the server still started fine for
> me with systemd.  Have you created your own isc-dhcp-server.service
> file?  If so, what does it contain?
No I don't. 

It's a stretch system without any manual installs. Packages see

At a short test this night a fresh install with the selections runs
into the same error.

> Best wishes,
> Mike


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acl						install
acpi						install
acpi-support-base				install
acpid						install
adduser						install
aide						install
aide-common					install
amd64-microcode					install
apt						install
apt-cacher-ng					install
apt-file					install
apt-listbugs					install
apt-listchanges					install
apt-utils					install
aptitude					deinstall
aptitude-common					install
aspell						install
aspell-de					install
aspell-de-alt					install
at						install
avahi-autoipd					install
avahi-daemon					install
bacula-common					install
bacula-fd					install
base-files					install
base-passwd					install
bash						install
bash-completion					install
bc						install
bind9						install
bind9-doc					install
bind9-host					install
bind9utils					install
binutils					install
bsd-mailx					install
bsdmainutils					install
bsdutils					install
build-essential					install
busybox						install
bzip2						install
ca-certificates					install
chkrootkit					install
console-setup					install
console-setup-linux				install
coreutils					install
cpio						install
cpp						install
cpp-4.9						install
cpp-5						install
cron						install
curl						install
dash						install
db5.1-util					install
dbus						install
dc						install
debconf						install
debconf-i18n					install
debconf-utils					install
debian-archive-keyring				install
debianutils					install
debsecan					install
dh-python					install
dictionaries-common				install
diffutils					install
dirmngr						install
discover					install
discover-data					install
distro-info-data				install
dmidecode					install
dmsetup						install
dnsutils					install
doc-debian					install
docutils-common					deinstall
dovecot-core					install
dovecot-imapd					install
dovecot-managesieved				install
dovecot-sieve					install
downtimed					install
dpkg						install
dpkg-dev					install
e2fslibs:amd64					install
e2fsprogs					install
easy-rsa					install
ed						install
eject						install
emacsen-common					install
etherwake					install
exim4						deinstall
exim4-base					deinstall
exim4-config					deinstall
exim4-daemon-light				deinstall
fakeroot					install
fancontrol					install
file						install
findutils					install
finger						install
firmware-amd-graphics				install
firmware-linux-free				install
firmware-linux-nonfree				install
firmware-misc-nonfree				install
fontconfig					install
fontconfig-config				install
fonts-dejavu					install
fonts-dejavu-core				install
fonts-dejavu-extra				install
fonts-lato					install
freeipmi-common					install
ftp						install
g++						install
g++-5						install
gawk						install
gcc						install
gcc-4.7-base:amd64				install
gcc-4.8-base:amd64				install
gcc-4.9						install
gcc-4.9-base:amd64				install
gcc-5						install
gcc-5-base:amd64				install
geoip-database					install
getmail4					install
gettext-base					install
gnupg						install
gnupg-agent					install
gnupg2						install
gpgv						install
grep						install
groff-base					install
grub-common					install
grub-pc						install
grub-pc-bin					install
grub2-common					install
guile-2.0-libs:amd64				install
gzip						install
hicolor-icon-theme				install
host						install
hostname					install
hwdata-knoppix					install
hwinfo						install
hwsetup						install
i2c-tools					install
iftop						install
ifupdown					install
info						install
ingerman					install
init						install
init-system-helpers				install
initramfs-tools					install
initramfs-tools-core				install
initscripts					install
insserv						install
install-info					install
installation-report				install
ipmitool					install
iproute2					install
iptables					install
iputils-ping					install
irqbalance					install
isc-dhcp-client					install
isc-dhcp-common					install
isc-dhcp-server					install
iso-codes					install
ispell						install
iswiss						install
javascript-common				install
john						install
john-data					install
kbd						install
keyboard-configuration				install
klibc-utils					install
kmod						install
krb5-locales					install
laptop-detect					install
less						install
libacl1:amd64					install
libalgorithm-diff-perl				install
libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl			install
libalgorithm-merge-perl				install
libapol4:amd64					deinstall
libapparmor1:amd64				install
libapt-inst1.5:amd64				install
libapt-inst1.7:amd64				deinstall
libapt-inst2.0:amd64				install
libapt-pkg-perl					install
libapt-pkg4.12:amd64				install
libapt-pkg4.16:amd64				deinstall
libapt-pkg5.0:amd64				install
libasan1:amd64					install
libasan2:amd64					install
libaspell15:amd64				install
libassuan0:amd64				install
libatk1.0-0:amd64				install
libatk1.0-data					install
libatomic1:amd64				install
libattr1:amd64					install
libaudit-common					install
libaudit1:amd64					install
libauparse0:amd64				deinstall
libauthen-sasl-perl				install
libavahi-client3:amd64				install
libavahi-common-data:amd64			install
libavahi-common3:amd64				install
libavahi-core7:amd64				install
libbind9-90					install
libblkid1:amd64					install
libboost-iostreams1.54.0:amd64			install
libboost-iostreams1.55.0:amd64			install
libboost-iostreams1.58.0:amd64			deinstall
libbsd0:amd64					install
libbz2-1.0:amd64				install
libc-bin					install
libc-dev-bin					install
libc-l10n					install
libc6:amd64					install
libc6-dev:amd64					install
libcairo2:amd64					install
libcap-ng0:amd64				install
libcap2:amd64					install
libcap2-bin					install
libcc1-0:amd64					install
libcgi-fast-perl				install
libcgi-pm-perl					install
libcilkrts5:amd64				install
libclass-inspector-perl				install
libclass-isa-perl				install
libcomerr2:amd64				install
libconfig-file-perl				install
libconvert-binhex-perl				install
libcrypt-openssl-bignum-perl			install
libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl			install
libcryptsetup4:amd64				install
libcups2:amd64					install
libcurl3:amd64					deinstall
libcurl3-gnutls:amd64				install
libcwidget3:amd64				install
libdaemon0:amd64				install
libdate-manip-perl				install
libdatrie1:amd64				install
libdb5.3:amd64					install
libdbi-perl					install
libdbi1:amd64					install
libdbus-1-3:amd64				install
libdbus-glib-1-2:amd64				deinstall
libdebconfclient0:amd64				install
libdevel-globaldestruction-perl			install
libdevmapper1.02.1:amd64			install
libdigest-hmac-perl				install
libdiscover2					install
libdist-checkconflicts-perl			install
libdns-export100				install
libdns100					install
libdpkg-perl					install
libdrm-intel1:amd64				deinstall
libdrm-nouveau2:amd64				deinstall
libdrm-radeon1:amd64				deinstall
libdrm2:amd64					deinstall
libedit2:amd64					install
libegl1-mesa:amd64				deinstall
libelf1:amd64					deinstall
libemail-date-format-perl			install
libencode-locale-perl				install
liberror-perl					install
libestr0					install
libevent-2.0-5:amd64				install
libexpat1:amd64					install
libexporter-tiny-perl				install
libexttextcat-2.0-0				install
libexttextcat-data				install
libfakeroot:amd64				install
libfam0						install
libfcgi-perl					install
libfdisk1:amd64					install
libffi6:amd64					install
libfile-copy-recursive-perl			install
libfile-fcntllock-perl				install
libfile-listing-perl				install
libfont-afm-perl				install
libfontconfig1:amd64				install
libfreeipmi16					install
libfreetype6:amd64				install
libfuse2:amd64					install
libgbm1:amd64					deinstall
libgc1c2:amd64					install
libgcc-4.9-dev:amd64				install
libgcc-5-dev:amd64				install
libgcc1:amd64					install
libgcrypt11:amd64				install
libgcrypt20:amd64				install
libgdbm3:amd64					install
libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0:amd64			install
libgdk-pixbuf2.0-common				install
libgeoip1:amd64					install
libgl1-mesa-dri:amd64				deinstall
libgl1-mesa-glx:amd64				deinstall
libglapi-mesa:amd64				deinstall
libglib2.0-0:amd64				install
libglib2.0-data					install
libgmp10:amd64					install
libgnutls-deb0-28:amd64				install
libgnutls-openssl27:amd64			install
libgnutls26:amd64				deinstall
libgnutls30:amd64				install
libgomp1:amd64					install
libgpg-error0:amd64				install
libgpgme11:amd64				install
libgpm2:amd64					install
libgraphite2-3:amd64				install
libgssapi-krb5-2:amd64				install
libgtk2.0-0:amd64				install
libgtk2.0-bin					install
libgtk2.0-common				install
libharfbuzz0b:amd64				install
libhd21:amd64					install
libhogweed2:amd64				deinstall
libhogweed4:amd64				install
libhtml-form-perl				install
libhtml-format-perl				install
libhtml-parser-perl				install
libhtml-tagset-perl				install
libhtml-template-perl				install
libhtml-tree-perl				install
libhttp-cookies-perl				install
libhttp-daemon-perl				install
libhttp-date-perl				install
libhttp-message-perl				install
libhttp-negotiate-perl				install
libicu52:amd64					deinstall
libicu55:amd64					install
libidn11:amd64					install
libio-html-perl					install
libio-multiplex-perl				install
libio-sessiondata-perl				install
libio-socket-inet6-perl				install
libio-socket-ip-perl				install
libio-socket-ssl-perl				install
libio-stringy-perl				install
libipc-shareable-perl				install
libipc-signal-perl				install
libirs-export91					install
libisc-export95					install
libisc95					install
libisccc90					install
libisccfg-export90				install
libisccfg90					install
libisl10:amd64					deinstall
libisl13:amd64					deinstall
libisl15:amd64					install
libitm1:amd64					install
libiw30:amd64					install
libjasper1:amd64				deinstall
libjbig0:amd64					install
libjpeg62-turbo:amd64				install
libjs-jquery					install
libjson-c2:amd64				install
libk5crypto3:amd64				install
libkeyutils1:amd64				install
libklibc					install
libkmod2:amd64					install
libkrb5-3:amd64					install
libkrb5support0:amd64				install
libksba8:amd64					install
liblcms2-2:amd64				deinstall
libldap-2.4-2:amd64				install
liblist-moreutils-perl				install
libllvm3.4:amd64				deinstall
liblocale-gettext-perl				install
liblockfile-bin					install
liblockfile1:amd64				install
liblog-dispatch-perl				install
liblog-log4perl-perl				install
liblogging-stdlog0:amd64			install
liblognorm1:amd64				deinstall
liblognorm2:amd64				install
liblsan0:amd64					install
libltdl7:amd64					install
liblwp-mediatypes-perl				install
liblwp-protocol-https-perl			install
liblwres90					install
liblz4-1:amd64					install
liblzma5:amd64					install
liblzo2-2:amd64					install
libmagic1:amd64					install
libmail-dkim-perl				install
libmail-sendmail-perl				install
libmail-spf-perl				install
libmailtools-perl				install
libmilter1.0.1:amd64				deinstall
libmime-lite-perl				install
libmime-tools-perl				install
libmime-types-perl				install
libmnl0:amd64					install
libmodule-implementation-perl			install
libmodule-runtime-perl				install
libmount1:amd64					install
libmpc3:amd64					install
libmpdec2:amd64					install
libmpfr4:amd64					install
libmpx0:amd64					install
libncurses5:amd64				install
libncursesw5:amd64				install
libnet-cidr-perl				install
libnet-dns-perl					install
libnet-http-perl				install
libnet-ip-perl					install
libnet-server-perl				install
libnet-smtp-ssl-perl				install
libnet-snmp-perl				install
libnet-ssleay-perl				install
libnetaddr-ip-perl				install
libnetfilter-acct1:amd64			install
libnettle4:amd64				deinstall
libnettle6:amd64				install
libnewt0.52:amd64				install
libnfnetlink0:amd64				install
libnfsidmap2:amd64				install
libnghttp2-14:amd64				install
libnl-3-200:amd64				install
libnl-genl-3-200:amd64				install
libnpth0:amd64					install
libnss-lwres					deinstall
libnss-mdns:amd64				install
libnuma1:amd64					install
libopenipmi0					install
libopenvg1-mesa:amd64				deinstall
libopts25:amd64					install
libossp-uuid-perl				install
libossp-uuid16:amd64				install
libp11-kit0:amd64				install
libpam-modules:amd64				install
libpam-modules-bin				install
libpam-runtime					install
libpam0g:amd64					install
libpango-1.0-0:amd64				install
libpangocairo-1.0-0:amd64			install
libpangoft2-1.0-0:amd64				install
libpaper1:amd64					deinstall
libparams-classify-perl				install
libparams-validate-perl				install
libparted2:amd64				install
libpcap0.8:amd64				install
libpci3:amd64					install
libpciaccess0:amd64				deinstall
libpcre3:amd64					install
libpcsclite1:amd64				install
libperl5.22:amd64				install
libpipeline1:amd64				install
libpixman-1-0:amd64				install
libpkcs11-helper1:amd64				install
libpng12-0:amd64				install
libpopt0:amd64					install
libproc-waitstat-perl				install
libprocps3:amd64				install
libprocps5:amd64				install
libpsl0:amd64					install
libpth20:amd64					deinstall
libpython-stdlib:amd64				install
libpython2.7-minimal:amd64			install
libpython2.7-stdlib:amd64			install
libpython3-stdlib:amd64				install
libpython3.4-minimal:amd64			deinstall
libpython3.5-minimal:amd64			install
libpython3.5-stdlib:amd64			install
libqpol1:amd64					deinstall
libquadmath0:amd64				install
libreadline6:amd64				install
libregexp-assemble-perl				install
librrd4:amd64					install
librrds-perl:amd64				install
librtmp1:amd64					install
libruby2.2:amd64				install
libruby2.3:amd64				install
libsasl2-2:amd64				install
libsasl2-modules:amd64				install
libsasl2-modules-db:amd64			install
libseccomp2:amd64				install
libsecret-1-0:amd64				install
libsecret-common				install
libselinux1:amd64				install
libsemanage-common				install
libsemanage1:amd64				install
libsensors4:amd64				install
libsepol1:amd64					install
libsigc++-2.0-0c2a:amd64			install
libsigsegv2:amd64				install
libslang2:amd64					install
libsmartcols1:amd64				install
libsnmp-base					install
libsnmp30:amd64					install
libsoap-lite-perl				install
libsocket6-perl					install
libsqlite3-0:amd64				install
libss2:amd64					install
libssh2-1:amd64					install
libssl1.0.0:amd64				install
libssl1.0.2:amd64				install
libstdc++-5-dev:amd64				install
libstdc++6:amd64				install
libstemmer0d:amd64				install
libsub-exporter-progressive-perl		install
libsub-name-perl				install
libswitch-perl					install
libsys-cpu-perl					install
libsys-hostname-long-perl			install
libsys-meminfo-perl				install
libsystemd-daemon0:amd64			install
libsystemd-journal0:amd64			install
libsystemd-login0:amd64				install
libsystemd0:amd64				install
libtask-weaken-perl				install
libtasn1-6:amd64				install
libterm-readkey-perl				install
libterm-readline-gnu-perl			install
libterm-readline-perl-perl			install
libtext-charwidth-perl				install
libtext-iconv-perl				install
libtext-unidecode-perl				install
libtext-wrapi18n-perl				install
libthai-data					install
libthai0:amd64					install
libtiff5:amd64					install
libtimedate-perl				install
libtinfo5:amd64					install
libtirpc1:amd64					install
libtokyocabinet9:amd64				install
libtry-tiny-perl				install
libtsan0:amd64					install
libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0:amd64				deinstall
libubsan0:amd64					install
libudev1:amd64					install
libunistring0:amd64				install
liburi-perl					install
libusb-0.1-4:amd64				install
libusb-1.0-0:amd64				install
libustr-1.0-1:amd64				install
libuuid1:amd64					install
libwayland-client0:amd64			deinstall
libwayland-egl1-mesa:amd64			deinstall
libwayland-server0:amd64			deinstall
libwebp5:amd64					deinstall
libwebpdemux1:amd64				deinstall
libwebpmux1:amd64				deinstall
libwrap0:amd64					install
libwww-perl					install
libwww-robotrules-perl				install
libx11-6:amd64					install
libx11-data					install
libx11-xcb1:amd64				deinstall
libx86-1:amd64					install
libx86emu1:amd64				install
libxapian22					deinstall
libxapian22v5					deinstall
libxau6:amd64					install
libxcb-dri2-0:amd64				deinstall
libxcb-dri3-0:amd64				deinstall
libxcb-glx0:amd64				deinstall
libxcb-present0:amd64				deinstall
libxcb-render0:amd64				install
libxcb-shape0:amd64				deinstall
libxcb-shm0:amd64				install
libxcb-sync1:amd64				deinstall
libxcb-xfixes0:amd64				deinstall
libxcb1:amd64					install
libxcomposite1:amd64				install
libxcursor1:amd64				install
libxdamage1:amd64				install
libxdmcp6:amd64					install
libxext6:amd64					install
libxfixes3:amd64				install
libxi6:amd64					install
libxinerama1:amd64				install
libxml-libxml-perl				install
libxml-namespacesupport-perl			install
libxml-parser-perl				install
libxml-sax-base-perl				install
libxml-sax-expat-perl				install
libxml-sax-perl					install
libxml2:amd64					install
libxmlrpc-lite-perl				install
libxmuu1:amd64					install
libxrandr2:amd64				install
libxrender1:amd64				install
libxshmfence1:amd64				deinstall
libxtables10					install
libxtables11					install
libxxf86vm1:amd64				deinstall
libyaml-0-2:amd64				install
lighttpd					install
linux-base					install
linux-image-3.14-2-amd64			deinstall
linux-image-3.16-2-amd64			deinstall
linux-image-3.16-3-amd64			deinstall
linux-image-3.16.0-4-amd64			deinstall
linux-image-4.0.0-2-amd64			deinstall
linux-image-4.1.0-1-amd64			deinstall
linux-image-4.1.0-2-amd64			deinstall
linux-image-4.2.0-1-amd64			deinstall
linux-image-4.3.0-1-amd64			install
linux-image-4.4.0-1-amd64			install
linux-image-amd64				install
linux-libc-dev:amd64				install
lm-sensors					install
locales						install
lockfile-progs					install
logcheck					install
logcheck-database				install
login						install
logrotate					install
logtail						install
logwatch					install
lsb-base					install
lsb-release					install
lshw						install
lsof						install
lwresd						deinstall
m4						install
make-guile					install
man-db						install
manpages					install
manpages-de					install
manpages-dev					install
mawk						install
mc						install
mc-data						install
mime-construct					install
mime-support					install
mlocate						install
mount						install
multiarch-support				install
munin						install
munin-common					install
munin-doc					install
munin-node					install
munin-plugins-core				install
munin-plugins-extra				install
mutt						install
nano						install
ncurses-base					install
ncurses-bin					install
ncurses-term					install
net-tools					install
netbase						install
netcat-traditional				install
nfacct						install
nfs-common					install
ntp						install
openipmi					install
opensc						install
opensc-pkcs11:amd64				install
openssh-client					install
openssh-server					install
openssh-sftp-server				install
openssl						install
openvpn						install
os-prober					install
parted						install
passwd						install
patch						install
pciutils					install
perl						install
perl-base					install
perl-modules					deinstall
perl-modules-5.22				install
pinentry-gtk2					install
policycoreutils					install
popularity-contest				install
postfix						install
procmail					install
procps						install
psmisc						install
publicsuffix					install
python						install
python-apt					install
python-apt-common				install
python-chardet					install
python-debian					install
python-debianbts				install
python-gdbm					install
python-httplib2					install
python-minimal					install
python-pkg-resources				install
python-pycurl					install
python-pygments					deinstall
python-pysimplesoap				install
python-reportbug				install
python-six					install
python-support					install
python2.7					install
python2.7-minimal				install
python3						install
python3-minimal					install
python3.4-minimal				deinstall
python3.5					install
python3.5-minimal				install
pyzor						install
rake						install
razor						install
re2c						install
read-edid					install
readline-common					install
reportbug					install
rkhunter					install
rpcbind						install
rrdtool						install
rsync						install
rsyslog						install
ruby						install
ruby-debian					install
ruby-did-you-mean				install
ruby-domain-name				install
ruby-gettext					install
ruby-http-cookie				install
ruby-httpclient					install
ruby-locale					install
ruby-minitest					install
ruby-net-telnet					install
ruby-power-assert				install
ruby-soap4r					install
ruby-sqlite3					install
ruby-test-unit					install
ruby-text					install
ruby-unf					install
ruby-unf-ext					install
ruby-unicode					install
ruby-xmlparser					install
ruby2.2						install
ruby2.3						install
rubygems-integration				install
sa-compile					install
screen						install
sed						install
selinux-utils					install
sensible-utils					install
sensord						install
sgml-base					install
shared-mime-info				install
spamassassin					install
spamc						install
spawn-fcgi					install
sqlite3						install
ssh						install
ssl-cert					install
startpar					install
sudo						install
systemd						install
systemd-sysv					install
sysv-rc						install
sysvinit-core					install
sysvinit-utils					install
tar						install
task-german					install
task-ssh-server					install
tasksel						install
tasksel-data					install
telnet						install
tex-common					install
texinfo						install
tiger						install
time						install
traceroute					install
ttytter						install
tzdata						install
ucf						install
udev						install
unhide						install
unzip						install
usbutils					install
util-linux					install
vim-common					install
vim-tiny					install
w3m						install
wakeonlan					install
wamerican					install
wget						install
whiptail					install
whois						install
wireless-tools					install
wngerman					install
wpasupplicant					install
xauth						install
xdg-user-dirs					install
xkb-data					install
xml-core					install
xz-utils					install
zip						install
zlib1g:amd64					install
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