[pkg-dhcp-devel] Bug#810971: Acknowledgement (isc-dhcp-server: Failover synchronization of client-hostname not work.)

Pavel Polacek pavel.polacek at ujep.cz
Fri Nov 25 07:08:46 UTC 2016


   I reported issue to upstream. Latest stable version of ISC DHCP solve 
the issue.


- Leases are now scrubbed of certain prior use information when pool
   re-balancing reassigns them from one FO peer to the other.  This
   corrects an issue where leases that were offered but ignored retained
   the client hostname from the original client. Thanks to Pavel Polacek,
   Jan Evangelista Purkyne University for reporting the issue.
   [ISC-Bugs #42008]

Is possible integrate patch ISC-Bugs #42008  to stable release?

     Best regards,
       Pavel Polacek

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