[pkg-dhcp-devel] Bug#879949: /etc/resolv.conf: Please include header comment

Roberto C. Sanchez roberto at debian.org
Fri Oct 27 14:28:52 UTC 2017

Package: isc-dhcp-client
Version: 4.3.5-3
Severity: wishlist

I encountered a very difficult to troubleshoot problem because
dhclient-script changes /etc/resolv.conf and it was not obvious why it
was happening.

I would like to suggest that dhclient-script include a header at the top
to help the user/admin if the change is unexpected/undesired.  Something
like this would be very helpful:

# automatically generated by dhclient. Any changes will be overwritten.
# See dhclient-script(8) for how to configure/ignore certain options.

Here is the relevant mailing list discussion:




Roberto C. Sánchez
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