Bug#348597: [Pkg-dia-team] Bug#348597: FTBFS: missing build-dep on libdbus-1-dev

Roland Stigge stigge at antcom.de
Wed Jan 18 09:29:41 UTC 2006

reassign 348597 libgnomevfs2-common


Peter Palfrader wrote:
> Package: dia
> Version: 0.94.0-18
> Severity: serious
> It seems there's a build dependency on libdbus-1-dev missing.

Thanks for the note. But dia doesn't directly need libdbus. The library
package is installed on build (and therefore somehow used for linking)
by a new dependency of an indirect dependency. Since the libdbus-dev
package is missing, this fails.

If I figured it out correctly, the respective dependency chain is:

  build-depends on libgnomeui-dev
    depends on libgnomevfs2-dev
      depends on libgnomevfs2-common
        depends on libdbus-glib-1-2
          depends on libdbus-1-2

Since I see a change in this area (dependencies) in gnome-vfs2, I'm
reassigning this bug. Feel free to reassign around if I'm not totally
correct. (I'm at least sure that it's a recently (1 week or so)
introduced change in a GNOME package with respect to dependencies.)



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