[Pkg-dia-team] Bug#364293: dia-common_0.94.0-7sarge3_all.deb is corrupted/incomplete?

Patrick Bernier pat at TZoNE.ORG
Wed May 31 15:28:10 UTC 2006

Quoting Jeroen van Wolffelaar:
> > % ar x dia-common_0.94.0-7sarge3_all.deb
> > % tar -zxf dia-common_0.94.0-7sarge3_all.deb
> Actually, untarring a .deb is not expected to work at all.

Er... I don't know why I ended up typing this the second time around
when making the bug report -- the first time I was of course untarring
the resulting data.tar.gz part...

> So something is corrupted there (at least the changelog according to the
> reporter)

/usr/share/doc/dia-common/changelog.gz is the only file failing the
debsums check (which is kind of funny since it's right in the middle of
the archive... I first assumed a truncated archive, but it looks like it
might be actual corruption right in the middle... then again, with the
compression involved, it's hard to tell)

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