Bug#406904: [Pkg-dia-team] Bug#406904: dia: Misleading visual feedback upon object creation

Roland Stigge stigge at antcom.de
Sun Apr 29 16:31:33 UTC 2007

severity 406904 wishlist
tag 406904 upstream
forwarded 406904 http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=434388


thanks for your report.

Greg Kochanski wrote:
> When you create an object, you are presented
> with a set of little green handles and
> an arrow cursor.    This is misleading
> because it implies that you can left-click
> and drag the handles.    That's not so:
> if you left-click, you simply end up creating
> another object.

In the current version 0.96.1-1, the default behaviour is already to
"Reset tools after creation" (Changeable via Preferences).

> Ideally, the user interface should provide some
> way of distinguishing this situation
> (where a right-click on the object is possible, but a
> left-button-down will create a new object)
> from the situation where you have selected
> the pointer tool, then selected an object.
> (In this latter case, a left-button-down will let
> you drag around the handles.)
> I'd suggest that the arrow cursor be used only
> for the pointer tool.  Pick some other cursor
> for object creation tools.   It doesn't have
> to be dramatically different, just different
> enough to remind the user.

So the remaining problem is the mouse cursor differentiation between
create and drag. -> Wishlist.


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