Bug#406929: [Pkg-dia-team] Bug#406929: dia: Dia escapes Latex formulas during pstricks export

Roland Stigge stigge at antcom.de
Sun Apr 29 17:34:20 UTC 2007

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Webb wrote:
> I expect it to be copied exactly like I input it into the textbox (instead of
> altering it by escaping it).  How am I supposed to use any of the features of
> TeX if all the metacharacters are escaped?

Well, pstricks is not the only output format for Dia. We would first
have to be sure about the semantics we want. In most cases, like PS
export, we mostly want a conversion (no literal transport to PS). What
about all the other formats? Should a text be literally exported to some
formats and to others not? Should there be a kind of auto-detection what
kind of text you have and decide if you want to escape or not?

Maybe we should file a gnome wishlist bug for a "literally" option for
texts (for exports)?

> On second thought, several figures in my dissertation were done using Dia
> where the LaTeX *was* interpreted later, so I guess the bug I'm reporting is
> that the behavior is inconsistent.

In this case, it's a real bug. Please provide an example.

> Ok, can you forward this to upstream?  I guess I can't fathom why what I'm
> asking isn't obvious and the default way.

I will do this if we have figured out the above.



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