Bug#404354: [Pkg-dia-team] Bug#404354: dia: IPA input method has a bad character

Greg Kochanski gpk at kochanski.org
Tue May 8 14:18:21 UTC 2007

Whoops.   I mean forward slash, rather than backslash.
In the IPA input method, typing "/" followed by "3"
gives you the same character as just typing "3".
It should not -- that's an accidental duplication.
The basic problem is that the IPA input method doesn't
cover all of the IPA character set (thus, there are some
IPA symbols that you cannot type).
In most other cases, the "/" key typically modifies
the next character.

Roland Stigge wrote:
> Greg Kochanski wrote:
>> Yes, "\3" (unless I am confused) meant typing "\" then "3".
> For me, this results in a "\" character and the character that is used
> on "3" presses. Looks similar to a 3, but lower, like epsilon but
> backwards and bigger. dia version 0.96.1-3.
> "E" is epsilon.
> Or you you have some kind of character-composing system that results in
> 1 character after pressing "\" and "3"?
> Thanks,
> Roland

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