[Pkg-dia-team] dia-shapes packaging

Steffen Macke dia at diagramr.biz
Sat May 19 10:12:00 UTC 2012


the dia-additional-shapes package has finally reached the state where 
all the shapes offered on dia-installer.de
are included (i.e. the whole thing becomes usable):


I would like to use this opportunity to ask you about joining efforts.

What's in the box for you:

* One central package
* Localization
* Less maintenance effort (you can simply pass on bug reports to me)

I would also like to see if there's a possibility to standardize the 
package name.
I prefer dia-additional-shapes because dia-shapes makes me think that these
are the shapes that belong to the original Dia distribution and 
clarifies that it's something "on top".



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