[Pkg-dia-team] dia-shapes packaging

Roland Stigge stigge at antcom.de
Sun May 20 10:08:12 UTC 2012


On 19/05/12 12:12, Steffen Macke wrote:
> the dia-additional-shapes package has finally reached the state where
> all the shapes offered on dia-installer.de
> are included (i.e. the whole thing becomes usable):
> http://dia-installer.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=dia-installer/dia-additional-shapes;a=summary

Is there a git-cloneable URL available? I tried quite some variations of
the above but always got errors.

Are you planning to provide a tarball release? This would be best for
Debian and derivatives. So we don't need to do git snapshots or similar.

Thomas, are you still active on this package?



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