[Pkg-dia-team] Bug#714296: How about manually integrating the upstream patch?

Octavio Alvarez alvarezp at alvarezp.com
Wed Sep 3 16:53:54 UTC 2014


It appears that upstream has not released Dia 0.97.3 yet, and it may
take a while. Would it be possible if the Debian Dia Team picks the
patch that fixes this before Jessie is released?


Of course, the patch would have to be dropped once the next version is
released for it not to FTBFS, but Dia would become useful again in the
meanwhile, with benefit to all Debian-derived distributions. If we
waited for the correct thing to happen, who knows when the kerning bug
be fixed by the Pangocairo team.

I attempted to pick the patch myself for the current version of the
Debian Dia package. I am attaching the resulting dquilt patch.

I tested debuild -us -uc and it builds. I installed the result to in
system and it behaves correctly.

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