[Pkg-dkms-maint] [PATCH 2/4] Have dh_dkms insert the appropriate package name into postinst

Frédéric Brière fbriere at fbriere.net
Thu Feb 18 23:46:51 UTC 2010

David Paleino <dapal at debian.org> wrote:
> I was planning to write some "DKMS Policy" later tonight (together with an 
> announcemente/call for testing of dh_dkms), and one of my points was "the 
> package name must be $something-dkms".
> This is coherent with other teams in Debian: lib*-perl, python-*, lib*-cil, 

The anal-retentive part of me is glad to hear this, but I'm not aware of
any dh_* tool failing due to a choice of package name.  Enforcing a
naming policy seems to be the job of lintian, not debhelper.

In any case, if you choose to go down that route, please make sure that
dh_dkms throws an error instead of generating an invalid postinst.

> and so on. Even module-assistant-driven modules seem to have settled on *-
> source, but I admit I haven't checked this thoroughly.

Mostly, but there's still some *-modules-source, *-module-source and
*-src in there.  (I wrote a kernel module class for CDBS, so I should
know.  <g>)

Debian is the Jedi operating system: "Always two there are, a master and
an apprentice".
		-- Simon Richter on debian-devel

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