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Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg-debian.org at fifthhorseman.net
Sun Aug 6 15:22:07 UTC 2006

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On August 6, matthijs at cacholong.nl said:

 > I think as of revision 106 that we can upload to the archive.

i was about to suggest the same thing, but for revision 107: i'd like
to satisfy lintian and linda with the cssconvert manpage.

 > That will leave us with 4 open bugs:
 > 1. #366478 I don't know a solution really well, but there is enough
 > information on the net howto configure / integrate dspam into a
 > system.

Perhaps we should ask the submitter for patches for the documentation
directly?  The bug report description is quite long, and i'm not sure
what parts of it are higher-priority for him, or which parts would
have helped him get dspam integrated sooner.

 > 2. #365989
 > Not reproducible for me, and still waiting for more information.

i haven't been able to reproduce this either.

 > 3. #357270
 > I'm not completely sure what he means.. comments?

i don't use the web frontend myself, and i haven't set up a honeypot
address set up on any of my dspam domains, so i don't have any
experience with the errors he describes :/ dspam not including a
signature on a processed message seems weird to me.

 > 4. #369886 Since the last message not really much activity, Daniel
 > can you comment on this and eventually apply the patch? (You have
 > written it and it seems ok in my eyes ;))

Obviously, as the submitter I think this would be a good feature, but
i was hoping to get more feedback from folks about security and
client/server issues.  In particular (from the bug report):

  one thing i'm not clear about from a security perspective is how
  this patch will affect the dspam client/daemon interaction.  Can
  someone who understands that interaction better than myself weigh in
  on this?  What happens if a client is running with a different
  config file than the daemon it talks to?  Will this be a problem?

Without feedback from other developers, i think i'd want to run more
tests myself with various configurations before confidently pushing
this change into debian.  Consequently, i don't mind if it lingers in
wishlist a while longer.

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