[Pkg-dspam-misc] dspam hurdles.

Douglas F. Calvert dfc at anize.org
Mon Jan 2 01:33:28 UTC 2006

 Thanks a lot for getting a dspam package together. I started to try and
install it today and ran into a lot of brick walls. When I start up
dspam i get an error about ldap symbols:

dspamterminus:/var/log# /etc/init.d/dspam start
Starting DSPAM Statistical anti-spam filter: dspam28116: [01/01/2006 20:29:08] dlopen() failed: /usr/lib/dspam/libmysql_drv.so: /usr/lib/dspam/libmysql_drv.so: undefined symbol: ldap_verify
28116: [01/01/2006 20:29:08] Daemon process starting

What am I doing wrong? 

Also libdspam7-drv-hash provides libdspam7-drv but the mysql version
does not. 

I also filed a bug today for the init script pointing to /usr/sbin but
dspam is in /usr/bin

I look forward to working with you guys on this. I would like to
contribute example configs for postfix/amavis/dspam. I just need to get
the example system up:)

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