[Pkg-dspam-misc] Bug#400301: Using dspam with libhash_drv.so in daemon mode can lead to DoS.

Pierre Dinh-van pierre at qsdf.org
Fri Jul 24 12:48:43 UTC 2009

  Installed: 3.6.8-9
  Candidate: 3.6.8-9

I configured my server to use dspam as daemon under Lenny with libhash_drv.so as driver for 2 month, and it
suddently crashed with segfault in libhash_drv.so for 2 days.

See kernel messages :

[4209827.385345] dspam[22322]: segfault at 7f9bcc4a5cc0 ip 7f9bcc5e415f sp 448ffec0 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f9bcc5e2000+5000]
[4212838.514323] dspam[22529]: segfault at 7fb096aa4478 ip 7fb096a5d15f sp 4149eec0 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7fb096a5b000+5000]
[4213116.665649] dspam[22613]: segfault at 7f07cfcc4000 ip 7f07cfcb515f sp 41441ec0 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f07cfcb3000+5000]
[4213263.530802] dspam[23796]: segfault at 7f3f16f1be50 ip 7f3f16e9e15f sp 4199eec0 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f3f16e9c000+5000]
[4213504.544104] dspam[24424]: segfault at 7f313d61c2e8 ip 7f313d5a415f sp 41813ec0 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f313d5a2000+5000]
[4213708.967832] dspam[24481]: segfault at 7fec5f339a50 ip 7fec5f28e15f sp 4129eec0 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7fec5f28c000+5000]
[4275800.005645] dspam_clean[13507]: segfault at 7f32aa94a478 ip 7f32aa92715f sp 7fffb4b18650 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f32aa925000+5000]
[4306980.330052] dspam_clean[4236]: segfault at 7f465ce7a478 ip 7f465ce5715f sp 7fff67049600 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f465ce55000+5000]
[4307032.334237] dspam_clean[4239]: segfault at 7fd1d7d67478 ip 7fd1d7d4415f sp 7fffe1f374e0 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7fd1d7d42000+5000]
[4309279.258966] dspam_clean[8637]: segfault at 7f7f85063478 ip 7f7f8504015f sp 7fff8f232800 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f7f8503e000+5000]
[4310046.873552] dspam_clean[8808]: segfault at 7f7fba759478 ip 7f7fba73615f sp 7fffc4926f00 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f7fba734000+5000]
[4310105.077497] dspam_clean[8829]: segfault at 7f3011877478 ip 7f301185415f sp 7fff1ba47010 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f3011852000+5000]
[4310683.110547] dspam_clean[10009]: segfault at 7f4e1ecec478 ip 7f4e1ecc915f sp 7fff28eba430 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f4e1ecc7000+5000]
[4314041.519282] dspam_2sql[12029]: segfault at 7f99a7dc6478 ip 7f99a7da315f sp 7fffb1f965d0 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f99a7da1000+5000]
[4314224.640323] dspam_2sql[12039]: segfault at 7fc0c2c15478 ip 7fc0c2bf215f sp 7fffccde3420 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7fc0c2bf0000+5000]

All commands which tried to access the database were affected by this segfault.

/var/spool/dspam was something like 380MB big.

In my situation, it causes a DoS of my mail server, with every mail received by the MTA rejected to the sender because dspam wasn't replying.

I migrated it to libmysql_drv for now, but it could be really good to have a warning when starting dspam as daemon with libhash_drv as

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